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Ludum Dare is a regular accelerated game development event. Participants develop games from scratch in a weekend, based on a eme suggested by community. Not all Ludum Dare entries are web games but we are maintaining an archive of web game entries uploaded to NG! You can integrate our API for ads, high scores and/or medals. Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help make is dream a reality! Browse Categories Ludum Dare. Ludum Dare 26. Game 3,357 Views (Ages 13+) A simple world. by ali ephantom. game made in 48 hours for LD 26 eme minimalism Game 4,683 Views (Everyone). Ludum Dare 26. Ludum Dare 27. Ludum Dare 28. Ludum Dare 29. Ludum Dare 30. Ludum Dare 31 Dating simulator wi a bit of RPG and point & click adventure.:D Game 11,631 Views (Ages 13+) Enslaving Davement by Seagaia. Short, timed platformer made in Flixel for Ludum Dare Compo 22! Game 6,775 Views (Ages 13+) K3y by zerosimms. Guide your key. Ludum Dare 26 — April 26-29, [ Results: Top 0 Compo, Jam. Top 25 Categories. View My Entry ] [ View All 2346 Games (Compo Only, Jam Only). mup ]. Our goal is for Newgrounds to be ad free for everyone! Become a Supporter today and help Ludum Dare 21. Ludum Dare 22. Ludum Dare 23. Ludum Dare 24. Ludum Dare 25. Ludum Dare 26. Ludum Dare 27. Ludum Dare 28. Ludum Dare 29. Ludum Dare 30. Ludum Dare 31. Ludum Dare 32. Ludum Dare 33. Ludum Dare 34 Ten Second Speed Dating by MrNat96. LD27. 04,  · is is my first entry for e Ludum Dare 48 hour game competition 26, for which e eme was Minimalism. It is a one button platform/puzzle game. You are a box who can jump and cling to e top and bottom of platforms. You can long press to charge up for larger jumps, but will always go straight up or down. You conserve no inertia so you won't arc ford while leaving a moving platform. Ludum Dare is an online event where games are made from scratch in a weekend. Check us out every April and ober! Feed News Explore Games. NEWS. Results for Ludum Dare 47. published 2 days ago 56 20. e giant mutating meatball has been finished! by davision, published 34 minutes ago. anks everyone for coming out! For e next 3 weeks, we’ll be Playing and Rating e games you created. You NEED ratings to get a score at e end.Play and Rate games to help o ers find your game. We’ll be announcing Ludum Dare 36’s ust date alongside e results. Ludum Dare (LD) (Classical Latin: [ˈluːdũː ˈdarɛ], meaning 'to give a game', also referenced as LDJAM) is a game jam competition. It was founded by Geoff Howland and was first held in April 2002. It is currently run by Mike Kasprzak, who has been part of e team since e beginning. Participants are required to create a video game at fits wi in a given eme in two or ree days. Hi Everyone! Wow it was amazing to meet all of you talented, awesome people at e Newgrounds Pico Day Party! I really enjoyed e experience. I hope to do it again next year, definitely.:D So, as some of you saw at e party, I was working on my Ludum Dare submission. I finished e prototype. Feel free to check it out below. I will want to post it on Newgrounds when I'm actually done wi. ober 2nd-5 - Ludum Dare 47. April 2021 - Ludum Dare 48. ober 2021 - Ludum Dare 49. Guides. Rules - for Ludum Dare events Game Hosting Guide. Support Us. is a game jam community run by Mike Kasprzak. If you like it, please support Mike on Patreon or PayPal. ninjamuffin99 26 days ago (+2) it wouldn't be too hard to make urself custom charts, but right now it would be a but clunky. I need to rework e charting system to probably be in-game or use some o er charting program like Moonscraper (used for Clone Hero). 12,  · Multicolor poo included! Original game was developed for Ludum Dare 26 competition where developer must make game only in 48 hours at specified eme (it was minimalism). And is is upgrade of flash game which can be played at web. anks for purchase! Daily 3rd Place - Newgrounds 4/5 Awesome game COLORUS now at GooglePlay!. Anyways, is Ludum Dare's eme was e More You Have, e Worse It. I actually had to head to e Tim Hortons across e street from me and use e internet ere just to check what e eme was since my library closed. Play on Newgrounds Watch e Timelapse. Potato e Destroyer is a challenging side-scrolling action platformer. You play as a potato hell-bent on making his minimalistic world even more minimalistic by defeating e Crystal Potato of Destiny, e true embodiment of non-minimalism. Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 26. Apr 29,  · is is a commentated timelapse of my Ludum Dare 26 game, Potato e Destroyer. Play e enhanced version of e game: // Made for e Ludum Dare 47 wi e eme stuck in a loop. Contains some strong language. Code & writing by Joshua Edds and Tamiks (@tamiks_properer), art & animation by Cosmo Wegman (@crelishboy) and [F], and music by Aaron Wea erford (@atw_music1232). Winner of Ludum Dare 33 out of 2700+ games, made in 3 days, ".You are e Villain". A compilation of 269 Ludum Dare 26 games. For more information about e Ludum Dare, visit // A list of all games (and some more) you can f. RUNNERIST was made for e Ludum Dare 26 game jam, a contest where you have to try and build a video game in a weekend. Teams can't enter, so we can't hope to win any ing, but we're allowed to take part in e jam, which also gave us an extra day to play wi. We're really, really proud of is little game, and hope you enjoy it too! Play it. FANS 26. NEWS 2. ART 16. MOVIES 2. FAVES 143. Favorite Games. Sort By: Most Recent Most Recent Date Added Title. Magic Shop Simulation - Dating Magic Shop. Use whatever it takes to satiate e alien! Original Compo made for Ludum Dare 43 Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Satiate (Ludum Dare 43 Compo) e sequel to 'Breaking e Bank'. Help him escape. Okay so, exactly one year ago I was attending to e first jam of my life. e first time I made any ing slightly resemblant to a game in 48 hours. Since en, I started really enjoying Jams, and I attended to Ludum Dare, Global Game Jam and a few o ers. Probably around 7 or 8 jams in e last 365 days. Founded in April 2002, Ludum Dare is an online community best known for Ludum Dare Game Jam event. During Ludum Dare events, developers create games from scratch in a weekend based on a eme suggested by e community.Ludum Dare events take place every April, ust and ember.. For Ludum Dare‘s rules, visit e rules page.. To learn more about Ludum Dare‘s history, visit e . Created for Ludum Dare 26 in under 48 hours. eme: Minimalism. Persist is a tale of a small spirit trying to reach a mysterious Goddess to seek for forgiveness for his past sins, so he can move on to e higher plane of existence. An entry for Ludum Dare 47 at I worked on over e weekend wi a couple of friends! is is a Dating simulator at has six romance-able options and endings. It's free to play so have some fun! Apr 29,  · Ludum Dare e recurring competition where you’re encouraged to make a game from scratch in 48 hours, happened again is weekend. e latest competition was e 26 and was held from e 26 of April until e 29 and e eme ese talented developers had to illustrate in eir efforts was Minimalism. 56 Newgrounds artists work toge er to collaboratively celebrate 25 years of Newgrounds Gadgets - O er Dating GWL Hayley Footjob (Commission) A commissioned interactive animation featuring Gardevoir! Winner of Ludum Dare 37 out of 2400+ games, made in 3 days. Epic bossfights against Aliens Fighting - Brawler. 22,  · Ludum Dare (to give a game in Latin) was founded by Geoff Howland, and held it’s first competition in April 2002. For ose unfamiliar wi e event, it’s a 48 hour solo competition at challenges game developers to create a game centered around a core eme at is selected rough a series of community votes. Find games tagged Ludum Dare like is House Looks Familiar, Dude, Stop, BLOOP, To Do List (LudumDare 38), MOBS, INC. on, e indie game hosting ketplace. Explore games tagged ludum-dare-27 on Find games tagged ludum-dare-27 like Fugit, e Only One, Armageddon, orvald, Seconds of Joy on, e indie game hosting ketplace. Browse Games Game Jams Upload Game Devlogs Community. Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 47. ere is a build of e game on newgrounds where is is fixed. - e penalty is at you don't get e parts for clearing rounds. I agree at is makes it easy to trivialize e first few ascensions but later on it's not a viable strategy. Ncaelador 26 days ago. Great and addicting arcade game. Hi Newgrounds Posted by toomuchprotein - y 8, . It's been a while. I'm just checkin' in to make a rambling post about stuff. I have definitely not been as active on here as I used to be, which sucks because Newgrounds is e coolest website ever. I sorta got tired of pumping out quick shitty games ough, so I've been focusing on. Ludum Dare 19. Ludum Dare 20. Ludum Dare 21. Ludum Dare 22. Ludum Dare 23. Ludum Dare 24. Ludum Dare 25. Ludum Dare 26. Ludum Dare 27. Ludum Dare 28. Ludum Dare 29. Ludum Dare 30. Ludum Dare 31. Ludum Dare 32. Ludum Dare 33. Ludum Dare 34. Ludum Dare 35. Ludum Dare 36. Ludum Dare 37. Ludum Dare 38. Ludum Dare 39. Ludum Dare 40. Ludum Dare 41. Newgrounds. Login / Sign Up. View Profile TemporaryAlien FANS 48. NEWS 2. ART 16. MOVIES 3. Dating Magic Shop. Use whatever it takes to satiate e alien! Original Compo made for Ludum Dare 43 Strategy - Real-time (RTS) Satiate (Ludum Dare 43 Compo) e sequel to 'Breaking e Bank'. Help him escape from prison. Adventure - O er Escaping. Level: 17 Exp Points: 2,880 / 3,2 Exp Rank: 14,177 Vote Power: 5.86 votes. Newgrounds. Login / Sign Up. View Profile WrstOfman FANS 4. ART. FAVES 1.5K. REVIEWS 3. Favorite Games. is game was made from scratch in 48 hours for e Ludum Dare 26. eme: Minimalism. Adventure - O er Dating Ganguro Girl 1.5. Find and slay e mad Wizard in his tower! Platformer - O er. Newgrounds. Login / Sign Up. View Profile eRealdrkrunk FANS 2. GAMES 4. FAVES 36. REVIEWS 3. Joined on 4/28/13 Puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 27 Pillar is a short RPG at was made for Ludum Dare 26(Minimalism). Adventure - RPG Pillar. Latest Favorite Movies More. Dovahbear ides to make himself comfortable in his new home. Comedy. Level: 5 Exp Points: 215 / 280 Exp Rank: 201,460 Vote Power: 4.26 votes. Level: 28 Exp Points: 8,218 / 8,700 Exp Rank: 3,132 Vote Power: 6.93 votes. Ludum Dare is a 48 and 72 hour game making competition globally hosted over e internet. A tongue-tied dating sim. Celia. Visual el. Play in browser. Last Chance to Green (Ludum Dare 34) Four Quarters team. SUBJECT 26. Escape an abandoned . Level: 6 Exp Points: 300 / 400 Exp Rank: 157,650 Vote Power: 4.58 votes.

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