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is recommendation list is focused on AU's where Sherlock and John first meet in very different circumstances. AU - or Alternate Universe refers to any fanfic at gives itself a setting or reality at's fundamentally different from e setting at's in its canon source material. A collection of stories, complete and in progress, following e progression of Sherlock and John in a slightly - or very - alternative reality. Worlds where e paranormal is completely common place, every person has a destined soul mate or ey come toge er in . John has to meet Sherlock for a case whose crime scene just happens to be on a roof. His first response is to panic. e last time he saw Sherlock on a roof John was already in e cab, and only a few minutes away, when Sherlock’s name finally popped up on his phone. John rolled his eyes. A Study in Teen (Sherlock BBC fic) Meeting John OR Bloody Hell Sherlock, What e Fuck Did You Do Now! Disturbia, CantTake eSkyFromMe. e man facing him was dirty blonde, 5'6'', blue-eyed, clearly a former army captain My notes: AU, alternate meeting, Christmas, pretend relationship. My star rating: 5. Review: Ano er one at I have read over and over! Johnlock meets cheesy romantic Christmas film. If you love films like Love Actually, is one’s for you. e lovers meet when John is recently returned from Afghanistan and working as a Christmas elf. Reply: ose are two different requests.. For e second one, at premise is almost of necessity a short fic under K so al ough I have read some, it’s not e kind of fic at would make my book ks. I concentrate on e long ones. For e first one ough, where ey met earlier, I do have a few. Edit: I realized I already have a list where ey met prior to canon! And here are. I wanted to celebrate Halloween wi some Nicercy ficlets and bullet point fics, and I got some absolutely amazing prompts for it. (I love you, Alternate Universe - Different First Meeting (7 7) Fluff (1623) Alternate Universe (1540) Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (804) Blaine Anderson/Kurt Hummel (506) Sherlock Holmes & John Watson (288). John has to travel rough time and starts by meeting e younger version of Sherlock, en e one he had met as a boy. ey en continue meeting each o er in different periods of time. be one day ey can live in e same one. {AU where John and Sherlock meet earlier, and John is in Afghanistan. Established relationship.} Sherlock misses John terribly, but of course does not show it. e Yard, upon finding out at Sherlock has a 'boyfriend' abroad, does not believe him, not at he cares. I’d loved e Dark Shadows series from e 1960s/70s (not to be confused wi e film) and what wi all e go ic imagery in Sherlock, I ought ey’d make a great fusion. e result is an alternate first meeting fic wi John taking up a position as resident physician at Holmeswood Manor. John hit e bed hard, but e impact felt good. Sherlock slowly undressed John and pulled his bound hands over e bedpost. Sherlock paused, double checking wi a questioning expression at it was comfortable for John. Wi a small, eager nod from John, Sherlock continued. John lay on e bed completely naked and unable to move. JL3 Johnlockloveletters johnlock love letter love larations fan fiction A Wedding a Kilt and Angel Eyes to Die For alexxphoenix42 alternate universe au fic rec john is scottish scottish john riding sherlock rides john case fic well slight case fic posh boy pet names bottomlock top john fluff and smut sherlock plays e violin army john. Lestrade was calling about a new murder, Sherlock was acting strange even for a consulting detective-werewolf, and John was missing blood from e fridge. Just ano er day in John’s life. (Alternate Universe where Sherlock is a werewolf, and John is a vampire. Every ing else is exactly e same.). Stories involving John and Sherlock as children. It can be Sherlock and/or John who is e child, for whatever reason. AUs, pre-series, de-aged, etc. Teenfics also included. Only ing I don't include are genderbenders or dea fics where John/Sherlock remain dead. If you want to be a staff member, or submit your own fic, just PM me! Synopsis: A el leng case-fic AU, in which Sherlock and John meet ten mon s and ree-and-a-half ousand miles earlier. Comments: Fairly explicit. e story opens when Mycroft convinces Sherlock to go to Afghanistan to solve a case. John Watson's unit is assigned to protect him. e case itself is passably intriguing. e is hot. Homigod. SEASON 3 SPOILERS Ch1. John is horrified to learn what Sherlock has been doing e last two years. One-shot bromance. h/c Ch2: Tag to His Last Vow deleted scene but is time, John intervenes on CAM's visit at e hospital. h/c. John breaks up wi y for Sherlock + ese additions. John-centric fics (at go deeper into his character) John discovers Sherlock’s scars. John goes wi Sherlock to track down Moriarty. John has a pros etic leg. John has special skills or powers + John is s t + more John wi special powers. John is significantly older an Sherlock. As an avid reader of BBC Sherlock fanfiction, I've book ked quite a number of fics over e past few of years. Now e time has come to organise ose book ks and at's where is blog enters e picture: is is e (evergrowing, as I'm reading new ings all e time) collection of my favourite fics, put in order wi e help of all sorts of tags. 31,  · Explorations of Sherlock Holmes and John H. Watson, along wi eir friends and family, rough alternate universes, between- e-canon-cracks scenes, and bizarre situations shine a lot of lights at cast shadows of Sherlock, etc. at can be quite refreshing. e result is an alternate first meeting fic wi John taking up a position as resident physician at Holmeswood Manor. His attraction to his potential employer begins at e interview and carries on from ere. Season 4 fix-it fics. Softer, Sherlock (T, 7k) What if John was actually shot by Eurus, and TFP was John’s hospital fever dream. Sherlock is not okay Master List. Sherlock is older an John. Sherlock is poor. Sherlock is tied up/restrained by John. Sherlock left after series 4. Sherlock/OMC or Mycroft/OMC (endgame still Johnlock) Sherlock/OMC before John. Shirtless military John fanart. Short fic Master List and fics (-15k) Art of e Reasoner - AU where Sherlock is an artist instead of a detective, but he's still Sherlock to a tee (e only o er alternate job story I've liked so far was e ing at Happens to O er People where Sherlock was working as John's erapist, while e. g. e popular Performance in e Leading Role didn't really win me over for some. 30,  · Fic where ey meet when John's working a case for e police? ere's a hilarious fic I'm trying to find again where ey meet while Sherlock is working a case. Sherlock looks at John's forensic report and falls deeply in love, steals e report, and sets e . An alternate version of A Study in Pink in which Sherlock and John meet in a bit of a different way. My comments: Johnlock. Alternate first meeting AU. 8k+. Complete. also be found on e Secret Identity of John Watson by scifigrl47 Sum y: Taken out of context, John Watson leads a terrifying life. You have to wonder what. Title: Physical Alternate Link: AO3 Words: 3k Rating: Mature nings, kinks contents: Medical exam, UST, fluff. Au ors note: For now-im-just-a-fangirl- at, written as part of e ust exchange. e prompt: John has pursued Sherlock to have. It’s basically an alternate history, in which Sherlock and John meet as children and grow up toge er. ey’re best friends, sometimes more, sometimes less. Just because ey grow up toge er, after all, it doesn’t mean every ing is wonderful for em all e time. ere were a whole TON of fics after Reichenbach where John hallucinated Sherlock. ey generally went 1) John hallucinates Sherlock and can't tell e difference when Sherlock returns. 2) Sherlock returns, John assumes he's hallucinating and just rolls wi it. or 3) John hallucinates Sherlock. He has no idea at meeting tattoo artist and sentinel Sherlock Holmes will change his life. Years later, at meeting gives him a safety net to cling to when every ing goes to shit and he gets shipped home from broken, traumatized and uncertain whe er he'll ever be ready or capable of bonding again. Taking fic commission. Post Send me an email to [email protected] Salambo06 Fics. home ask archive A03 Main blog Fic Commission. A tumblr to keep up wi my works on AO3. Send prompt and request, and I'll try to write em whenever I can beenchantd. 2 years ago. Just. 14,  · Hi all, I love Sherlock BBC and my favourite pairing is Sherlock Holmes /John Watson (aka Johnlock) and sometimes Mycroft and Lestrade (aka Mystrade). I love is fandom and I have read so many fics, I just wanted a place to gush and share my favourites. Every week, I will post a new slash fic . Sherlock Holmes (90580) John Watson (77684) Mycroft Holmes (35498) Greg Lestrade (29041) Molly Hooper (18954) Mrs. Hudson (Sherlock Holmes) (12496) Jim Moriarty (11781) y Morstan (8509) Sebastian Moran (6465) Sally Do an (6390) Exclude Relationships Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (57006) Sherlock Holmes & John Watson (16268). Part 1 of my Sherlock (BBC) emed Recommendations, Sherlock and John focused bo slash and friendship - ese will be labelled gen unless e sum y makes it obvious, plus a sprinkling of fics at don't fit in e above category. Part 1: AU, Aual Sherlock, BAMF! John, Case Fics, Character Studies, Crossovers. John Watson’s Twelve Days of Christmas. Au or: earlgreytea68 Words: 53,464 (14 chapters) Description: It’s e holiday season.John Watson needs money. Sherlock Holmes needs some ing else. Why I loved it: Look, I know it’s a little early for Christmas fic recs, but hear me out. I kept seeing is story in people’s book ks, and I would ink to myself: Self, it’s not e. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over e stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you wi your people. And Sherlock Holmes has never been e best of patients. Once Upon a Time by isisforyou (57K, E) Sum y: Follows an alternate canon wherein John and Sherlock meet as teenagers, but don’t remember each o er until ey are re-introduced at St Bart’s. (Sherlock Holmes fan-fic) Meeting John Watson. Rose Took. I never really liked trains. ere’s too much noise and way too many people. Luckily I only have to be on e damn ing for a little over ree hours. A little girl and her parents sit opposite me, e little girl sits miserably, tears dripping down her little flushed face and her. Sherlock and John gets ried for a case and ends up growing old toge er. Platonic Relationship. But Love is a Voice on e Wind by snow. Sherlock takes Mycroft’s suggestions on how to seduce John. at ing You Like by misspamela. Sherlock brings John to meet his family for Christmas. Random Numbers by songlin. Aual!Sherlock. Sherlock is in a band. John is eir new manager. Complete. Man and Beast by Jupiter_Ash. Sherlock is a werewolf in captivity. John was put in e cage wi him. ey expected Sherlock to maul him. He did not. Oneshot. Most Ghosts are Idiots by GoldenUsagi. By e time John moves into 221b Baker Street, Sherlock is dead. My fics. I am fairly new to writing fanfiction. I began a couple of years ago wi BBC’s Sherlock. Here’s what I’ve done so far. Find me on AO3. All along - For agnesanutter, who really needed some jealous!John. When it becomes clear at a newly-single DI Dimmock is interested in Sherlock, John finds himself at a crossroads. Rated: Teen. 9, - Two Two One Bravo Baker by abundantlyqueer. A Sherlock AU fic of e duo meeting during John's service in Afghanistan. Major adult content. Pinning on chapter 3 for e picture. Fandom: Sherlock Pairing: John/Sherlock Word count: 2,357 Notes: anks to oxoniensis for betaing. Crossposted to AO3, LJ and DW. Sum y: I love Sherlock, John says out loud, testing how e words feel in his mou. It doesn't change any ing. Set after season ree, Sherlock and John end up raising John’s dhter toge er. Intricate and realistic, is is one of e best parentlock stories out ere. e Gilded Cage by BeautfulFiction: is A/B/O fic has my favorite worldbuilding wi in e category– is au or subverts e norms of e Omegaverse to create a brilliantly. Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, John Watson/OMC Sum y: Seven stories written circa 20, after e first series/season of Sherlock but before Season 2. erefore, none of ese stories reflect any ing from Season 2 ond! ink of it as an alternate timeline or some ing. Slow build of a relationship between Sherlock and John. 02,  · Sherlock and Watson’s romance makes e leap from fanfiction to webseries A Finger Slip is one of e most popular Johnlock stories online, and it's . 20, - Really want fics about John's post-Reichenbach night es... Saved from tio O er Sherlock alternate universes. Sherlock John Bbc Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Fandom Watson Sherlock Benedict Sherlock John Watson tin Freeman Benedict Cumberbatch Fandoms. Proof at e remaining is wor becoming a detective for here. ese are recommendations made by Tropers for Sherlock Holmes Fan Fics, all of which have to be signed to stay on e page.Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to e list, but remember to use e template found here.. Do n for content at is usually considered squicky or explicit. Holmes’ Moving Castle. Holmes’ Moving Castle by ose ings eheartbelieves is a crossover wi, if it isn’t apparent, Howl’s Moving Castle.Its basic premise is similar to at of e el (or film), wi Sherlock as Howl, John as Sophie, and various o er Sherlock characters as direct counterparts to Howl’s Moving Castle characters.. I’ve read Howl but haven’t seen e animated. 27,  · Mycroft/Lestrade, also known as Mystrade, is e pairing of Mycroft Holmes and Gregory Lestrade from e BBC television series Sherlock.Al ough bo characters existed in o er Sherlock adaptations and in e original Ar ur Conan Doyle stories, e romantic ship pri ily comes from e BBC adaptation.. e pairing of Mycroft and Detective Inspector Lestrade emerged fairly early on in .

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