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31+ Pretty Biblical Girl Names (Cute Christian Baby Names for Girls) More like this. a woman in a white dress sitting on the ground with her. Find the Right Christian Girl Baby Name start with A ; 1. Aaliyah. High exalted, to ascend ; 2. Aamanda. One who is much loved ; 3. Aamani. One who is peaceful /. Christian Baby Girl Names For New Born ; Abagail. Means father's joy or Father rejoiced who gives happiness ; Abai. The Nile River ; Abaigael. Deviation form of. Angela is one of oldest and traditional names for Christian girls. Angela means messenger from God. Gabrielle. The name Gabrielle has a very unique meaning. Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'L' ; Linda, Pretty, Tender Woman ; Liza, Consecrated to God ; Lochan, Bright eyes ; Lois, Good ; Lolita, From.

Tamil Christian Baby Girl Names With Meanings & Numerology ; Ainsley, 19, F ; Alponsa, 28, F ; Ariyana, 12, F ; Holy woman, originated from Greek. 10K+ Christian Girl Names ; Margaret, Jewel, Christian ; Jennifer, White wave, Christian ; Fiona, vine, Christian ; Erica, Feminine derivative of Eric; Meaning -. Looking for Christian (girl) names · Irene · Sarai · Adina · Serah · Naomi · Romina · Susanna. Christian is a unisex given name, which originated as a baptismal name used by persons of the Christian religion. It has been used as a given name since the. Christian Girl Names» A · Abi: Goddess of Saraswati; Fathers Joy · Ada: Graceful and Noble; Pure; Noble; · Amy: Beloved; Dearly Loved; · Christian Girl Names ; Girl, Jannat, Heaven ; Girl, Aamiya, Nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright ; Girl, Annag, Grace; Favour; Apricot from Nara; Grain. Greek. Magdalene. Woman from Magdala. Hebrew. Mahlah. Sickness. Hebrew. Mara. Bitter. Hebrew. Marah. Bitter. Hebrew. Martha. Lady; mistress of the house. Names Reveal Value and Meaning. by esther fleece allen Women When we become a Christian, we immediately bear Christ's name. names with meanings and names. NAME, MEANING. Eadith, Expensive gift. Earla, Irish: Pledge, Feminine form of Earl. Earlina, Noble woman. Earwyn, Friend of the sea. M · Maachah (a queen and another royal) · Mahalath · Mahlah · Mara · Martha · Mary · Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ · Mary Magdalene.

Adah was the first female after Eve in the Bible. · Charis is the Greek word for grace. · Eden was the location of the garden where the first man and woman lived. Popular Christian Baby Girl Names · 1. Abigail · 2. Addison · 3. Amelia · 4. Aria · 5. Aubrey · 6. Ava · 7. Avery · 1. Brooklyn. Christian Popular Names For Girl With Meaning ; Annie, Grace ; Margaret, Jewel ; Jennifer, White wave ; Fiona, vine. Christian Arabs use #celticarab #arab #arabic #christian #names Arab Christian Women · Christian Arab Names Be Like Cool Roblox Display Name Ideas. The most trendy names for newborns in this list are Camilla (#), Cecilia (#), Charlotte (#6), Gemma (#) and Maeve (#), while Juliani (TOP 51%) is a. Christian Baby Girl Names Starting With RE ; Reanan. Welsh - Great Queen; A variation of the name Rhiannon ; Reanna. Germanic - Counsel; Advice; Welsh - Great. Christian baby girl names with meanings · Abigail · Alana · Alayah · Anna · Arabella · Araceli · Aria · Arianna. Modern Christian Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'I' ; Isabel, My God is a vow ; Issie, Like a Star ; Isha, Woman,Power,Formless Divinity ; Ishu, God; Jesus;. like Christian? What about: · Chloe · Charlotte · Ava · Camille · Faith · Eden · Aria · Camryn.

For example, only a few names of women were widely known: Mary, the mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene, his disciple and the first witness to the resurrection;. Christian Girl Names with Meanings • Girl Baby Names from Bible ; Aamiya, Nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright, Girl ; Aana, A woman graced with god. Christianity Baby Girl Names Starting with S · Susi. Short from Susanna, meaning a woman who is like a rose or a lily flower · Sivya. One with a hart of a deer. Christian name meaning and origin Christian is a name of Latin origin that means "follower of Christ." The name was first used in the New Testament of the. In the Christian faith, the act of a woman taking her husband's name in marriage holds deep symbolism. It reflects the spiritual union between.

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